Saturday, 12 October 2013

Something Big is Going on ‘Upstairs’

American Kabuki shared some fascinating videos today. 

Thank you, Bill!!! This is great intel.

There’s a reason I created a category on my blog called, “What’s Going on in the Heavens”. It’s because there is and has been a lot and will soon be a lot more—and it’s all critical to what is about to happen.

Check out the sun’s activity… and the ET activity all around it!

When ships appear that size in relation to the sun, you KNOW those babies are MASSIVE! What are they cooking up? 

We’re definitely not being told everything that’s going on or that will happen. We probably wouldn’t understand it anyway, but we are definitely ramping up for something BIG!  And SOON!

And for ‘sunspots’ to shut down the Air Force Network… nice! It may or may not have been sunspots, but regardless, stuff is happening behind the scenes so be ready to do what is required to seize your freedom. Preparations are underway.

The Galactics are probably even more excited than we are because they are aware of everything that’s going on and what the timing may be and they have been waiting for soooooo long to go into action.
Strap yourselves in—it’s going to be quite a ride. There will be challenges, yes—but ultimately Humanity will come together and take their planet back—peacefully. Hopefully the only violence will be on the part of the cabal. Pray it is minimal. This is what has been unfolding for millennia and the climax is almost upon us.  

I hope you like change. 

 ~ BP


Today, October 11, 2013, the Sun, there was a powerful solar flare. Immediately after the solar flare, the sun began to arrive armada unidentified objects that can be seen in the pictures NASA satellite SOHO STEREO Ahead + Behind. You can see the movement of unidentified objects. The objects have different shapes and sizes!

Sun spots in Europe shut down Air Force Network

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