Friday, 26 April 2013

UFO Attack at Naval Base ... Proof Star Wars is here

Recent report from World News Tomorrow about shots fired between a UFO and TR3B or similar type craft.  It is also possible the actual shots were fired from the South African base in that vicinity.  Just recently a Naval Officer went on Facebook from that base and confirmed that he also witnessed this event.
This event was also reported in Veterans Today 


The new footage released by World News Tomorrow USA caused  havoc in the UFO world, as it seems to prove that there was indeed some aggressive firing, on what seems to appear as a giant UFO. This event took place on the evening of 6th April 2013 in a small Naval Based village called Simonstown in the heart of False Bay, Cap Town.

What at first, only appeared like ordinary lights, later showed after the video footage was analyzed, aggressive firing at something in the skies of Flase Bay on the night of the 6th April . The 60 min video was sent for a proper forensic analysis and it seems that the firing might not have been from the Naval base at all, but rather from what appeared to be a triangular shaped object, shooting at another large object that seems to be a UFO. Is this star-wars or not, and if so, why the coverup ?

Both the UFO’s seems to have some stealth capability as they were not visible with the naked eye till captured with a Night vision AX Professional IR camcorder. One thing is certain, that something were firing at something that appeared to be a UFO or USO of about 4 miles in length according to the analytical results.

The Counter Intelligence Agency of South Africa said that it has the original footage and it is analyzing it.

They commented and said, so far it raises grave concerns since the video footage were shot by  a credible law enforcement witness and further shows no signs of any alterations or tampering.

They said that what makes this alarming is the fact that foreign entities could be in protected territorial space without any notice and more important, that this could poses a threat to security.

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