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Update April 25, 2013: 
I have received added information regarding the Kecksburg/Nazi Bell incident from Clark McClelland and am working on getting clarification on this.  It sounds like he is saying the Kecksburg craft contained a "back engineered bell" along with the addition of something inside related to the USSR clock (?) ...

I also have added information from Sean David Morton who wrote the book SANDS OF TIME based on the secret files left behind by the former head of Area 51.  This whistelblower, prior to his death, instructed his lawyer to give Sean his files, on the condition, that Sean write a fictionalized account of the true history of the secret space program!  Within those files is information pertaining to Kammler, what happened to him and the Nazi Bell.  
Just how much of that information made it into the book is not clear.  However, when I contacted Sean about this new information about the hunt for the 2nd bell and the Kecksburg incident, he suggested that the contents of the Kecksburg 'acorn' is a back engineered bell that a Soviet scientist may have been using to travel back in time!

Sean states, that the Nazi bell has the technology to allow us to travel through time, (as is commonly thought) and that the original bell ripped a hole in Space time... The original rip in spacetime is said to have 'let in' the greys and other not so friendly aliens we have been dealing with since that time.  The Philadelphia Experiment for example is said to ripped another one...  

Interestingly, Sean says, ..."KAMMLER had found a way to use these gravity fields without ripping  a hole in Time/Space...BUT...MORE IMPORTANTLY...he knew how to CLOSE THE HOLES and STOP access points for the invasion."
Clark states, based on information from his insider contacts that Kammler was secreted into the states and ended up in Dayton, Ohio... There is no doubt, according to everyone I talked to, that Kammler had the key to a great deal including the possible mystery of the Nazi bell.

All of this needs further investigation and needless to say, only deep insiders are party to exactly what the bell technology really can do.  Suffice to say that possession of a bell would change the balance of power on this planet and if a 2nd bell really does exist, and is missing (or not in possession of the US secret space program) it is easy to assume that 'they' (the secret government/secret space program) would be desparately hunting for the lost bell to this day

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