Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The staggering saga of his quest to uncover a 400 year old secret.

Nigel Mortimer & his wife Helen set out on a quest in 2011 to discover the truth about an ancient row of standing stones found at a secluded woodland in Yorkshire UK. What he discovered there, would throw our concepts of science and the way we see reality into question.

Uncovering a 400 year old conspiracy to hide from humanity the reality of inter-dimensional portals, Nigel secured historical facts, photographic evidence and witness testimony which eventually led him to the fantastic notion that one of the greatest scientific minds -that of Sir Isaac Newton – had been aware of this truth, had been involved in a governmental cover-up to keep the truth hidden and allied himself with other great men of that time, to keep the secret of the Settle Sun Dial hidden!

The reality of the Settle Sun Dial, a star gate to another dimension was discovered by the author and his wife in the summer months of 2011. They found themselves on a quest unlike any other ultimately revealing how the British government in the 18th Century had misled its own people into thinking the portal was something else, before obliterating the ancient sacred site it once stood on.

Nigel Mortimer was psychically attacked in the winter months that followed and became gravely ill after a spirit cursed him for seeking the truth about the star gate. Driven by the search to reveal occult knowledge that had been hidden for so long, he discovered the amazing fact that Sir Isaac Newton had secretively been to visit the sundial gateway just before making his historic world-changing theories about gravity and the lore of the universe. He became firm friends with the Settle locals, all brilliant mathematicians.

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