Thursday, 11 April 2013

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT David Wilcock's weekly TV show … and Insider Explanation of the Russian Meteorite

On Friday, February 15th, a huge, metallic object — estimated as weighing 10 metric tons — exploded over Russia with the force of a few kilotons.

The night sky became as bright as day. Sonic booms blasted car alarms into life. Fireballs rained down, and up to 1,200 people were injured.

The trail was 125 miles long. 20,000 emergency workers were rushed to the site. It was the largest “meteor” in a century.

I strongly wondered, at the time, what this was. Insider chatter has now revealed a sad but interesting answer.

Apparently, eight different events like this happened at the same time, around the world, that same day. This was only the brightest and loudest one.

Five of the crash sites were located by rapid-response crash teams from Majestic.

In each of the five sites, they found dead bodies of small humanoids, ranging from 10 to 12 inches in height — and wreckage from their craft.

This was just two weeks after I wrote about these same people on my website, using images from Kaleka and Greer’s upcoming film, SIRIUS.

I also demonstrated their appearance in Russia and at Easter Island as revered, nonviolent teachers — and givers of wisdom and technology.


One insider heard this same story from fully four completely independent sources. The stories were very similar in every case. No one survived these crashes.

This particular insider did not have any information suggesting this was a deliberate shoot-down — and felt they may have been “coming in hot” and misjudged our atmosphere.

However, another insider with even higher connections informed me that this was almost certainly a coordinated shoot-down effort from our classified planetary defense grid.

Apparently there are tiny drones in our upper atmosphere that use advanced technology to track all objects in our airspace — and will immediately zoom in on and destroy anything unfamiliar.

These ETs may have intended to make a grand entrance, just 14 days after their story went public — and instead were blown out of the sky and murdered.

I was saddened to hear this story from such well-positioned and reliable insiders. This event could have been the mass sighting we were waiting for — but obviously it did not end well for them.

However, the intel on this was so good that I do believe we will see a lot more where this came from — and hopefully without such a violent ending.


by David Wilcock, April 10, 2013, 11:33 pm

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