Saturday, 4 October 2014


WOO-WOO Tick Tock



alli cat

First is the Pour to the Pot, then the tow to the Pit. xxx

Earth is parked at the Gate, and has been for over a month.

Venus (lilith) was in the same position for 6 months, but now has had a chunk taken out of her, and it seems she is being moved.





Wooo Whoo. You should see Ed’s blow out on the 2nd. Thats not a cme, its a huge explosion. There are Lots of very small chunks flying in all directions. It is one of those small chunks, probably too small to show on these cam’s, that hits the Gulf. Tick Tock!

They just put up the images for the 2nd. Its shows a big explosion, and lots of small chunks scattering in all directions. It is one of those chunks, probably too small for the cam’s to pick up, that hits the Gulf. The big show is about to start. Wave ‘good riddance’ to the trolls! Watch the DUMB’s get Dumber, as Yellowstone pops too.

We get pulled first, then the earth rotates. I believe she still has to rotate to be pulled through the door. That’s when they shear off the back chip of the ‘underworld’. I actually don’t know if there is too much left alive on that side, a few weeks(?) ago, the net was pulled back and their dome was opened and it exposed them to the gamma bursts. They fried. There is actually more like “3 divisions”, 2 move forward…those who go above and those who go below. The third is those who get the pit.

The Elite, Freemasons and papal are short on trolls.

I’ve known them to alter and sabotage the memory so that you’d only see the bad things you had done and none of the gifts of love you had. Just fyi.
Part of the reason for the law of ‘nothing of the old moves forward’ and memory erasure, is to give everyone a clean fresh start. Here, many of us had ‘scars’ on the subconscious from the brutality, much of what was hidden that they were doing to you without your knowledge of it. Rapes. Torture. There is nothing to be ‘learned’ from that, that benefits you in the future.

I do know that yes, as a corporation, they infiltrate and mess with us via the internet. However, as a information source they rather lost control. Our minds are searching for answers, clues, and this directs us to the Internet. I’ve noticed, that our double’s will often lead us to a page, and although weakened, so to will the enemy. For instance, the E send trolls here to my page. I’m a threat to them, and their religious myths. They need those myths. Myths of Money Government Religion, which is their slave system. Its how they get fed.

Eve has won back the Earth, and we will know Eve

At the Gate … We gather there first, then as the gate is opened, we go through and this translation drops us off on the road.



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