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Strange photo of Immanuel Ben-Joseph (Christ) and some of his disciples walking near the sea of Galilee




The Great “Flood” That Sank Atlantis
The term “Aryan” derives from the ancient Indian (Vedic Sanskrit) and Persian (Avestan) term arya for “noble.”
Some scholars traced the Aryan homeland just east of the Caucasus to Tibet, the so-called “roof of the world,” where many scholars believed the floodwaters that destroyed Atlantis (yes, Atlantis) sent Atlantean refugees into high-altitude Tibet, where they remained safe for generations. The Aryans slowly arose here, according to this idea, to become the direct descendants and blood inheritors of the Atlanteans. Interestingly, the world-famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804), describing Tibet, said:
“…this is the highest country. No doubt it was inhabited before any other and could even have been the site of all creation and all science. The culture of the Indians, as is known, almost certainly came from Tibet, just as all our arts like agriculture, numbers, the game of chess, etc., seem to have come from India.” —Immanuel Kant



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Very interesting picture I received in my inbox a few days ago. It purports to show Jesus and some of his disciples walking near the sea of Galilee.

You can come to your own conclusions as to who these beings really were, Angels or Aliens.

Below is the brief description I received with the image.

“While visiting the Holy Land In 1967, a woman was approached by several humanoid Extraterrestrial beings near the sea of Galilee.”

“The woman who wished to remain anonymous was told by the Aliens to take out her camera
a small Kodak instamatic, and take a picture of the surrounding hillside.”

“The Aliens told her she would be given the gift of a glorious event that occurred near that spot
thousands of years ago.”

“Not fully understanding the request the woman proceeded to take a picture.”

“When she turned around, the Aliens had vanished.”

“When the woman returned home she had the film developed.”

The image apparently shows (From left to right)

Joseph of Arimenthea (Jesus’s maternal uncle)

Immanuel Ben-Joseph (Jesus Christ)

His younger brother James and Simon Peter.




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