Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Occupy Yourself – By AronGoch

Wonderful rant by AronGoch, about taking back our power, being responsible about where we put our energies, taking physical action to over come and challenge ones weaknesses. Self control.
How Society, antagonizes its people, to vent, to express our frustrations to protest, to spend our energies and keep its public fruitlessly fighting and challenging the “”system”” to change, in hopes that we still remain depended on the system then rather the individual wising up, taking back their strength and empowering oneself beyond their dependency on the “system'”
(Society wants you to vent, to protest to fight, as when you do, it takes your emotional energy that is needed for self transformation, and simply leaves you feeling helpless, in despair and angry, at the failed efforts, in ones hope for change, resulting in a surrendering, giving up)
Challenge yourself, beyond the idea and what you may think of yourself, which does not serve you.
What you cannot truly experience and have the ability to understand, what going on………with out self love…..
And lots more..


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