Friday, 8 August 2014

Where Are The Galactics?


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Disclaimer: I do not support/believe/encourage hatred toward any entity/nation/person. I do reserve the right to question everything, questioning it doesn’t make me negative. I noticed when I pose questions to other blogs, they accuse me of being “negative”. Skepticism is necessary and we have to question everything we read and hear. The war is not just about physical borders/politics/power/money, the war is also about truth, there is so much disinformation that we have to question everything.

Hey, hey Michael Ellegion, can you please give your friend Ashtar from the Ashtar Command, situated on the star ship Jerusalem a telepathic message and ask him when they plan on landing exactly? You see Michael, they don’t run the show, WE DO. We, the human race have had enough and would really like some assistance NOW.

Hey hey Cobra, can you speed up your thing a bit? Your holiday in Taiwan was pretty long, you could have used those days more constructively and gotten rid of the Chimera group you claim is a thorn in your side. I guess you spent a few extra days searching for suitable photos and photoshopping them to present us your secret airships. Hey Cobra, you don’t run this show here on Earth, WE DO, and we DEMAND that you get your job done if you’re still on the side of humanity, if not, go away, your Event is always happening SOON.

Hey hey David Wilcock, can you stop bragging and promoting your book because we really need some credible information right now, as you can see, there is a war waging and we need that intel so that we can make our next moves. After all, you predicted ascension in 2000 then quietly shut down that website and you are now preaching to the deaf. David, we don’t need anymore lessons in history, we need some proactive results, time is running out.

Hey hey Kathryn E. May, can you please send Father God a telepathic message and tell him that if he really loves us so much then he can send the millions of angels, you know, the same ones he sent for the RV to happen? Yeah those angels. You see Kathryn, even Father God doesn’t run the show here, WE DO. With our free will we make the changes happen, but right now we could really use an army of angels to go to Palestine and lift up the bullets/rockets falling on Gaza. Yeah I know we created this mess, nobody is denying this, but your friends upstairs in higher dimensions keep talking about wanting to help us, claiming there are thousands of ships around the Earth, so please tell them we are ready for some help. We can only do so much, although we all planned to come here, you see the Pleadeians didn’t do their job millions of years ago and some bad apples passed through their sensors, that’s the part of the plan that went wrong so we can’t take responsibility for that, therefore, we reserve the right to ask for help.

Hey hey Ronna Herman and John Smallman, can you please contact Jesus/Saul/Sananda and ask him to lower himself to the people of the world that are currently dying because of the evil and try to tell these poor people that they are not bodies with souls but that they are souls with bodies? Perhaps their suffering might be less knowing this?

Hey hey, all you channelers of higher dimensional beings, can you please send a telepathic message to all your galactic friends, to the different federations, confederations, galactic federations of light, of planets, of the sun and moon, higher councils and councils, to the ascended masters, to the biosphere ships that are waiting to take us on board and please let them know that we have reached a momentum and it is NOW that we could use the extra hands?

Hey hey all you believers of galactic forces that are going to save us, can you please start calling your friends and tell them to land NOW? We run this show, they don’t run the show, they don’t make decisions, they tell us that we must call them, so now that we are calling them, why aren’t they landing?

I would love to know when THEY think it is the best time? Isn’t the best time NOW? Now, when millions of people around the world are suffering, when our Mother is being abused to the maximum, when we can no longer defend ourselves because the laws are such that even protesting in the streets will soon be declared terrorism.

Hey hey all you higher dimensional beings, when do you plan on coming to help? We run the show here on Earth, we have chosen the moment is NOW, so come on down, let’s see what you got to offer, bring your ships, your technology, everything you got bring with you cause we need you now. If we have the free will and you can’t intervene, then now is the time because we are calling for help.

Hey hey you sick, demented souls, your time is up, the galactics are coming and they will show you who our friends our. Your time is up, whether the galactics come or not, whether they are just pretend good entities, whether they are archons disguised as loving beings, with or without them we will take our planet back, you can bet your dark soul on that one. Light and love will prevail, you know your time is up that is why you are trying to take with you as many as you can, but you see, you forgot that you came here to purposely do what you are doing so that we can rise up and defeat your darkness.

May love give you goosebumps, may the light turn your hair golden and your soul warm, may humanity finally rise to it’s glory and divinity, we are close, with or without help, with or without the galactics, we will succeed in bringing love to this planet.



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