Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Do unexplained technologies of the ancients provide possible proofs of Pre-flood civilizations?

What was the state of the technology of pre-flooders?

Could they have left physical evidence of their existence?

Much of what we think we know about the past is wrong.

Columbus discovered America? That's wrong for so many reasons--and must have come as some surprise to the people who were living here at the time.

First manned flight by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk? No!

Marconi invented the radio? Not at all!

Why is the oldest pyramid, the Great Pyramid, the one built with the highest technology; bigger blocks with closer fit?

"Newer" pyramids are crumbling because they were built with less skill.

Humans knew the secret of flight before the twentieth century. Early civilizations performed open-heart surgery and fluoroscopy. That there were once shining cities illuminated by a means of electricity unknown to us today.

The list is endless and fascinating, pointing to a super civilization, evidences of which can no longer be ignored.

..Archaeological and anthropological has evidence that something very big happened on this planet in the past..something so big it wiped traces of just about everything from the face of the earth.

From around the world, "impossible" ancient inventions have been surfacing of late, and some of them from a technology as advanced as our own.

Nearly all the writings of ancient people worldwide tell the same story, that of decline from an original "Golden Age."

That a cataclysmic disaster wiped out the advanced world.

Today's diggings worldwide show that these traditions tally with the facts.
Slowly we're lifting the lid on a lost technology which almost smacks of science fiction.

LOST WORLDS ... Pyramids and 
Other Hidden Ancient Artifacts


  1. So people who were in possession of such advanced technology vanished and monkey-like humans remained ? I don't think so.
    No secret on this planet can remain hidden for a long period of time.And I still don't see anything about the ancient civilisations than could persuade me to think differently.
    But some of your ideas make me think about how western civilisation likes to say that everything is invented in the past 200 years.And that is a lie.

  2. If three quarters of modern humanity disappeared after a catastrophe and only those left were your average goth or lady gaga fan ... I think maybe ... just maybe ... that humanity might disappear forever because the socio and technological know how has been emptied from their brain cells.Secrets have been hidden for years .... Alexandria and all it's knowledge was burned down ... the Vatican took and hid all the Mayan knowledge ... the masses were left ignorant ... people had to fight to get a decent education ... but now the education is ... How to survive in a modern psychopathic sick society ... divorced from Mother nature.