Tuesday, 10 April 2012


WATCH: Reagan's speech on alien invasion.

In a speech given to the full session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 21, 1987, former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan contextualized how humanity could be united and end all wars, when faced with the prospects of an "alien threat".

Recently, a mainstream media outlet from Australia examined this scenario of an extraterrestrial attack on planet Earth, in furtherance of a propaganda campaign, already established in the public psyche through popular culture.

WATCH : Australia's Today Show interviews Professor Paul Springer on preparedness for alien invasion.

Australia's Today Show interviews Air Force Military Planner Professor Paul Springer on the United States' military preparedness for a possible extraterrestrial invasion.

A grand plan is at work here. It seems that what we are looking at is, the final orchestration of the plans within the Hegelian Dialectic to bring forth unprecedented chaos and to ultimately herald in under the guise of peace, the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence as our saviors.

A joint of 20 countries led by the USA, is building a monster radio telescope formed by 3,000 50-foot-wide dishes, with a 50 light-years range, for detect a hostile alien invasion, according to Allison Barrie, the baby-face poster girl of the Illuminati, for military defense public relations.

The dishes will be assembled in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Pacific Ocean Islands. Get ready because a major false-flag is underway.

I didn't feel that Alison Barrie is a Defence Specialist, she seems like someone who just stepped out of high school Using a woman as a spokesperson is just a 'soft sell' approach to easily buy peoples' acceptance of something.

Thus, a sinister alien spy satellite network.

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