Friday, 13 April 2012


Do intelligent dinosaurs really rule alien worlds  

Welcome to Our New Lizard Overlords: 

Study Suggests Alien Worlds Could Be 

Full of Super-Intelligent Dinosaurs

'Nasa's Kepler telescope scans the skies for 'habitable worlds' - but an American chemist has suggested the whole project might be a terrible idea.

Ronald Breslow suggests that life-forms based on slightly different amino acids and sugars could take the form of huge, ferocious dinosaurs that have evolved to have human-like intelligence and technologies.

'We would be better off not meeting them,' says Breslow, who claims that it was a stroke of luck that an asteroid wiped out dinosaurs on earth, leaving the field clear for mammals such as humans.'
Famous chemistry PhD Ronald Breslow just released a paper admitting the existence of ancient advanced Reptilian civilizations, published by American Chemical Society.

Things still far from a full disclosure.

It sounds more like part of the false flag invasion psyop

Our planet's fossil record has intricately detailed the fact that evolution is not a linear march of progress from one predestined waypoint to another

Dinosaurs were never destined to be.

The history of life on earth has been greatly influenced by chance and contingency, and dinosaurs are a perfect example of this fact

In other words, there's no reason to think dinosaurs are an inevitable consequence of the evolution of life. It just so happened that life on Earth produced dinosaurs, but they aren't the only examples of life and life doesn't have to go through a "dinosaur phase" before it can move onto the next evolutionary step.

What if the dinosaurs weren't wiped out by an asteroid impact 65 million years ago?

Perhaps they'd still be alive today, in an advanced evolutionary state, developing their space program and their own asteroid impact mitigation strategies.

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