Thursday, 2 February 2012



The craft has been air-picked-up and been put down on its belly through the use of field forces.

A United States advanced military drone, spying above Iran territory in no-fly zone, was captured by Iran on the date of December 4th 2011. The drone was not crashed, not shot out of the air, but safely captured by an Iranian aircraft, based on Keshe technology. Obama asked politely to get his drone back.

Iran has and will protect its territorial integrity through the use of its advanced space technologies, which it has acquired through new space programmes ..... and Iran will not use this technology for aggression, but for only showing to other nations that the time of nuclear and so called western advance military technology has come to an end.

The size of the 27 meters of the craft is no problem to cover and the speed of the craft is child-play for this new space program. The iranian craft can do more than just manipulate gravity for propulsion. They can also produce force fields, emit tractor beams, generate unlimited amounts of clean energy, and have inertial damping systems that allow occupants to avoid feeling accelerations.The Iranian flying saucer that had popped up in the news last March was a result of that. They have offered it to NASA, but they poopooed it.

We salute the advancement in space technology of Iranian scientists and thank them for the peaceful use of this new technology and I am sure we will see more in the coming near future how space will be a peaceful place with this technology in the hand of the peace loving nation of Iran.


The Foundation is ready to release the second stage of more advanced technology of this class in early next year as they are putting the final touches to its development.

We invite the US government and other nations to enter into negotiation with the Foundation and The Iranian government for disclosure of the full space technology to all nations simultaneously that there shall be no more war race, but a peaceful race to join and conquer space and not each others little pieces of land and so called nations, this offer stands and is extended to all nations irrespective of their colour, race and religion.

The Keshe foundation has shown the original system on 3rd of the December 2011 in Gent in Belgium in a public demonstration for the first time and now the use of the technology in shown by the nation ........... which has its rights to it.

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