Saturday, 25 February 2012


Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises.

Much pain but still time.

There is good out there.

We oppose deception....

there are more waiting at the outpost of our galaxy.

The gathering somehow has increased and they are waiting for the greatest event to take place.

The opening of new wormhole and closing of old ones as we transcend from the current dimension to the next, in conjunction with the coming galactic alignment.
The secret government, the elite corrupt political layers, military industrial complexes, and tyrant financial CEO's, the 1% that control the 99%. So the complex disguised as the world Police, have been in league with Israel over numerous ‘Coup d’état’ and false flag initiatives on Arab spring and few other countries of their interest. Of late, to loot black gold to fund their military complex and star wars programme and/or for some spooky development off the coast of Yemen.

“Since 9/11, Americans and much of the Western world have been led to believe that the biggest enemy they face is from Islamic extremists.

Nonetheless, there is now overwhelming, undeniable evidence that the true enemy... is within.

The United States of America is the single most powerful country that controls everything in our galaxy.

Yes, the galaxy.

Literally no other country has any VETO against them. NATO / United Nations are puppets who can do a darn thing once the U.S. had made up their mind. The mind of 40 plus layers of clearance above the president himself.

However, since a strange disturbance in the Gulf of Aden, where a mysterious vortex off the coast of Aden is said to be causing a global weather catastrophe. The US moved its army to Middle East; just after the 9/11.

More false flag operation was conducted in Yemen and India. It was learned that almost the entire world navy is camping out at these waters.

The Somalia pirates are part of the plan to keep away the hundreds of commercial ships from coming near to this area.

If that was the case, then the US may be in a plot to save the planet after all -

from whom/what ?.

Damn; it’s confusing.


It is believed craving for world dominance came just before World War 1.

After losing out in the race to outer space with USSR and a good "@$ whuppin" in Vietnam, US were worried about their reputation in the world. Added with the threat that Russia and Germany got their hands on some UFO technology, they were not about to be left behind again.

The US strived various coup d’état on Russia and any country that had knowledge of ET or economic benefits. They launched various overt and covert activities deep into German territory during the war to extract by force some ET researchers and rocket scientists there, whilst the world was under the impression that the U.S. was taking heroic measures to stop the war.

The U.S. later managed to utilize some of the technologies and setup a based in Area 51 Arizona. After the war, the place became a curiosity to not only the American public but also some UFO’s. When a UFO crashed near Roswell in 1947, US managed to establish direct contact with the gray ET’s. The problem is US befriended the wrong specie (the Grey Dows).

Although much more advance than humans, the grays are said to be parasites amongst other ET colony. The grays are deceptive, clumsy and not in control

Every country is emulating the U.S. Asia is no exception where the elite 1% controls the 99% of the population, enslaving them as money producing machines and pays a premium price to live on this planet.

When there is no legislation and weapons at their disposal, they use religion as a tool instead.

Locally, politicians are holding on to dear life to stay in power to loot the nation’s wealth will little regard to the escalating cost of living and socio-economic deterioration. The religious institution stand nowhere to address the issue ... jumping into the bandwagon themselves - expected ... as most of them are elected by politicians anyway.

Their existence provided the only logical reason for the mysteries of the world. The missing link of DNA strand from monkey to a modern human being. To the ideology proposed by our prophets and the sheer logic of the vast space of the universe.

They may have had a hand in our making, but hell they sure not our Gods. If they were, I have a few bones to pick with them about my very being.

There are some design flaws with our spine.

They would have an interest now to intervene, as the workings of empire are not in favour of humanity and how our greed is destroying the world. Not to mention they have become friends to the scum of the universe. How can it be, that a small group of 1% is in control of 99% by just using some fancy notes of paper ?

How did we get suckered into this scam, to pay to live on the very planet we were born on?

That despite the numerous intelligent species scouting the galaxy, there must be a single most powerful, the one and only energy that created them all.

It has to be, or there is no meaning to the purpose of this universe, that life is an accident or a coincidence.

It serves no purpose of any man made religions instituted since time - to guide, coarse, threaten and insinuate that something awaits us in the afterlife that would seem as a lie.

I hope that I will not be disappointed in 2013 should I discover that everything I know about ET, religion, politics, rules and regulations has been nothing but an elaborate hoax.

Until then, my prayers to planet earth.

We must save ourselves for being the imbecile beings, for putting our faith on the 1% - leaders of broken promises and false gifts, deception and deceit.

Paying the price to live in the very planet we were created on.

Forgive our sins as we were not guided by true leaders.

Forgive us for not using our hearts as we lost our creativity to comprehend the poetry and symbolism of Mother Nature.

We want to live only a peaceful, loving life with everyone and everything in this planet and beyond.

No we do not want the Rolex watch, or the Lamborghini or a mansion.

A simple roof over the head, food, good health and plenty of sleep would be nice.









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