Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Global Geoengineering Governance:

Currently the U.S. Government, the military, NASA, NOAA 
(other U.S. agencies), any city, county, state, 
private individuals, corporations, foreign governments, 
and foreign corporations, can initiate any type of 
geoengineering experiments without public knowledge,
 consent, government restrictions or public debate.

It appears controlling the issuance of currency is not enough for our 
global parasite leaders. Now they are adding chemicals and toxins 
to the air they can control the weather like gods.

Recent Research by the ADC has led to some interesting 
findings with regard to both Alaska and the Arctic areas.

It appears that many government agencies and leaders in 
the United States have discussed how the natural resources 
of these areas could be exploited if these areas were artificially warmed.

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