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..... suggests that life seeds came from outer space and planets exchanged life. Panspermia literally means seeds everywhere.

Panspermia suggests that life could have existed on another planet and moved to Earth. Statistics have showed 7.5% of rocks from Mars reach Earth. The rocks would travel between less than 100 years to 16,000 years and more to get to earth.

Crick, Francis Harry Compton (1916–2004)

English molecular biologist who shared, with J. D. Watson, the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for elucidating the double-helix structure of DNA.

Crick was led by his belief that the chances of life originating on Earth were very low to argue the case for panspermia and, in particular, a radical form of this hypothesis known as directed panspermia. More recently, Crick had been involved with examining the possibility that RNA was the first replicator molecule on Earth during an early biological era known as the ''RNA world''.

The RNA world hypothesis proposes that a world filled with life based on ribonucleic acid (RNA) predates the current world of life based on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein. RNA, which can both store information like DNA and act as an enzyme like proteins, may have supported cellular or pre-cellular life. 

Some hypotheses as to the origin of life present RNA-based catalysis and information storage as the first step in the evolution of cellular life.

The RNA world is proposed to have evolved into the DNA and protein world of today. DNA, through its greater chemical stability, took over the role of data storage while protein, which is more flexible in catalysis through the great variety of amino acids, became the specialized catalytic molecules. 

The RNA world hypothesis suggests that RNA in modern cells, in particular rRNA (RNA in the ribosome which catalyzes protein production), is an evolutionary remnant of the RNA world.


During early development an embryo enters a stage. This stage under a microscope looks just like an APPLE. This is known as the "Torus Stage." The shape is called a "Morula." Every single form of life goes through this stage. This is the "apple" that was written about in the Garden of Eden. 

This is where Satan went against the other Gods and gave us more advanced genetics. The "breath of God" is the soul. The chakras are the psychic energy centers that are activated by BREATHING in certain ways to enable the Kundalini to ascend. When the Kundalini Serpent ascends, enlightenment/Godhead is achieved.

The Tree of Life is Ancient Egyptian in origin. It is actually a pattern, either upright or upside-down for the genetics of life. It plugs into the Flower of Life that has been inscribed upon so many walls in Egyptian temples and also in the pyramids. The Flower of Life is the blueprint for every living thing.



Nature as a whole is far more aware and intelligent than humans and humans are not divorced from nature .....there is much more that humans don't know ....than what they think they assume to ever know

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