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AURAS ….of bio-energy centres (chakras)

Kirlian photography is a way of representing the energy of the body in visual form. Since discovered by inventors Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939, the technique has been researched and refined by independent labs and health practitioners throughout the globe.

The bio-energy field surrounds every living thing, from a planet, human being, animal, tree, leaf to a cell. Today science can read this frequency as it appears by way of a light and color spectrum resulting from bio-feedback or bio-pulsar measurements.

In old world paintings you may recall seeing halos or auras painted around subjects. The aura is not a mysterious and mystical thing. It is simply the energetic picture of our body’s state of wellness or illness.

Today we can use it to see imbalances both on a physical, emotional and mental level. It also takes a read on the health of your seven chakras (major energy centres), the meridians and organs.


This science originated as Kirlian photography which came out of Russia in the 1930’s. This photographic phenomenon happened by accident when Semyon Kirlian was exposed to a harmless electron cascade. He saw a visible aura around his hands which he captured on film.

What is being recorded ?

All living creatures generate and emit radiations. Photons of light, electromagnetic frequencies, heat, sound, and scent are all emitted from our bodies in direct relationship to our internal states. This wonderful and subtle system of exchange contains a wealth of information.

Kirlian photography introduces a high frequency, high voltage, ultra low current to the object being photographed. In traveling through and reacting with our complex systems, this influx of electrical energy amplifies and makes visible the bodies biological and energetic exchange. The camera and the subject interact to produce a corona of multi-frequency energy waves- from low infrared to well past the visible spectrum.

Kirlian photography has been extensively studied in reputable labs and has shown not only consistent correlation with emotional and physical states, (including the presence of disease) but remarkable information not shown with other methods.

Every organ and every function of the mind-body system has its precise image in the bio-energy field, which can be recorded using Kirlian effect devices.

Dr. John Zimmerman of the University of Colorado, using a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) has discovered that magnetic fields several hundred times stronger than background noise are created around the hands of trained healers when doing healing work on patients.

No such fields are created by 'sham' healers making the same movements, indicating something special is happening with the trained healers. The frequencies of the magnetic fields surrounding the hands of the trained healers were of the alpha and theta wave range similar to those seen in the brain of meditators"

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