Tuesday, 28 June 2011



You cannot tamper with the tree of life. You can look at it, you can admire it but you can’t mess with it. The tree of life is the actual source code of our DNA. 

2012 does literally represent “Create Your Own Reality” time. It has everything to do with what do you expect is going to happen? This is where thoughts becoming reality really takes on a whole new meaning in a way that you’ve never heard of before.

What do you think happens when a UFO crashes in WWII and the people who financed Nazi Germany (Rothschild, Ford, etc, ) once it collapsed, they’re looking for as much technology as they can get their hands on. What do you think they’re going to do when these UFO’s crash? They’re going to want to rip out everything in those UFO’s imaginable, reverse engineer and make it into something useful. So what’s the first thing that they go for? They take out the chair. Because in these UFO’s, you’re sitting there in the chair, you meditate on it and a vortex opens up in front of the ship and then you fly through it. You pop through a wormhole and you end up somewhere else. The chair is the interface with your consciousness. When your consciousness is interfacing with the chair, that helps you get to a point in yourself where you can see that the chair is a psychic amplifier. The chairs function is that it takes your natural innate psychic function and makes it vastly more powerful.

They could actually create a wormhole with the chair with the psychics exercising their consciousness in the chair. Some of those wavelengths were corresponding to a natural 20 year harmonic in the earth’s vibration. If people were moving through time, this wave would tell you exactly where you were in time, depending where, up and down, it was. At December 21st, 2012, they could calculate it down to the day, that’s how precise this was, all the graphs, all the waves would go into a complete flat line. They no longer moved up and down like before. They went flat for seven or eight seconds. They were asking guys who went through these stargates, and were traveling into the future, “What happened to you?” Every single time that somebody tried to hit 2012 they said the same thing. There’s this thing they call the bump. It actually hits you like a bump. You actually feel like you slammed into something. As soon as it slams into you, you have the most incredible religious experience you can imagine. Cosmic consciousness. You’re consciousness blasts into this wonderful place where you have awareness of no space, no time. All knowledge is available to you. Ecstatic God consciousness. You could be the galaxy. You could be a subatomic particle. You can go anywhere and do everything and there’s no sense of it ever ending. When it finally stops, you can’t believe who you were before. 2012 is our zero time reference.

The stargates are real. There’s one main stargate per planet. They dug them up from ancient Atlantean technology. They actually buried it under the ice in Antarcticabecause they were concerned that something could come through that could damage human life. The first and second year of Stargate SG-1 are loaded with real stuff. They hide the truth out in the open. 


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