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Roger Patterson made 5 transparencies from the original copy of the film in the late nineteen sixties. He took them to a photo shop in Yakima County Washington and had the film crew there take from the original copy of that film, 35 mm transparencies photographs. Those transparencies are large approximately 12 in by 7in. They still exist and Patricia Patterson owns them. About 12 years ago MK Davis had her agree to take these transparencies and scan at a very low resolution. Scanning them at a very high resolution would have taken 3 or 4 hours.

In 2009 David Paulides asked Patricia Patterson to spend a day with him and take very high resolution transparencies. She agreed and The North America Bigfoot Search is the only group that has them. Harvey Pratt was able to do the hairless composite sketch from those transparencies.

We as a human race are lucky to have Roger Patterson's Film along with David Paulides' amazing detective work and the DNA EVIDENCE that he and NABS researcher Scott Carpenter have provided, not to speak of Harvey Pratt's artistic abilities! To give you the answer to your questions does this really exist, and is it more human then ape? If the Bigfoot community worked together instead of having a pissing contests with each other we would be so much farther than we are. Remember knowledge equals power.

America's Book of Secrets: 

The Mystery of Bigfoot 


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