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TOLEC ... the nature of "time" as we know it 20 Feb 2014

You create your own reality by envisioning what you want, 
matching the vibration of that, and then letting the Universe bring it to you

Symbol of the Andromeda Council

Tolec, a human representative 
of the Andromeda Council

As I've shared with many others all across this planet - the nature of "time" as we know it:

a.) is not fixed
b.) is really an illusion
c.) as of this moment... it continues to reduce & will eventually expire due to the rising 4D frequencies

d.) AND YES - TIME IS STILL IN EFFECT - due to the nature of 3D life on this planet.

Also, please know, there are at least 25 possible timelines with 25 possible outcomes - as described to me by my primary contacts with the Andromeda Council.

These timelines can be expressed as:

* a 'center' predominant timeline;

* 12 possible 'positive' timelines positioned on the 'right' - which can be thought of as moving toward the center;

* 12 possible 'negative' timelines positioned on the 'left' - which can be thought of as moving away from the center, predominant time line.].

Any permutation / variance of any of these is possible.


In closing on this topic -

I have also been told by all of my Andromeda Council contact people, quite a few times, that things throughout this Universe - absolutely - ABSOLUTELY - DO NOT...

DO NOT - happen based on "when"... as in based on time or dates.

They do happen based on "what"...

the what being certain cosmic/celestial events... that trigger other events to happen next.

This is very much the case with the dimensional shift/transformation of this 3D world... into becoming a mid-level, crystalline based, higher dimensional 4D, spirit essence world.

Certain major, cosmic/celestial events will happen first... which will then trigger large scale, global earth change events. This will be the actual/formal beginning of the dimensional shift of this planet being transformed into a 4D world.

You can also think of this as the time period of when a caterpillar stops all of the things it is doing in its life at that stage; it spins a cocoon; and some time later a beautiful butterfly emerges.

Well, the 'old' life of the caterpillar must 'die', the cocoon must be shed... before a beautiful butterfly can emerge. This mandates there must be a time of transition... before the butterfly emerges.

Like so, this is very much the time of transition we are in, on this planet, right now. And yes, it is likely to get 'worse' - (think of any period of substantial growth) - the old must 'die' off before the new can begin) ... before it gets better.




My Andromeda Council - contact people - have consistently told me that everything they are seeing happen right now, and has been happening w/in the past 2+ years -

tells them that this dimensional shift is happening, and will continue to happen in the immediate ['now'] (my word)... until the MOMENT of actual 4D TRANSFORMATION... when it will trigger & change, as I've said before, " the blink of an eye".

They have also recently told me within the past 5 weeks that this higher dimensional "transformation" event to 4D... is "IMMINENT".

Yes, it is: IMMINENT.

It is immediately 'on the footsteps' of all of this happening [at the same moment]...

That the people of the good will & liaison team & immediately following them in each city/town they visit around the planet... that the people from the four (4) aligned Andromeda Council member planets will be visiting with the people of Earth... all around the globe.

There will be telepathic broadcasts, and other ways, of communicating with Earth people as to exactly what will be transpiring.

And yes, they will share - some - of their advanced, higher dimensional technology with the people of Earth.

The visitations of these off world people will be happening not only during the transformation of this world into becoming a higher dimensional one...

But also - FOR MANY YEARS AFTERWARD . You can think of them as higher dimensional, benevolent consultants & teachers.


"When" will all of this happen?

As I have said, based on everything I've learned,

I expected massive, major changes including the 4D transformation of this world to happen in: January 2014.

That they did not happen EXACTLY in the month of January 2014... again, is not due to a 'time' factor. And, that it has not happened yet is not under my control.

However, I am going to provide you with some added insight [about "time"] which may help.

A couple of months ago I asked Vice-Chairwoman Tania [from their perspective as 4D humans], if someone decides to incarnate & go live a 3D life on Earth [with the average Earth human lifetime being 75 years] - how long would THEY, as 4D PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE that person being gone from their 4D existence?

Her answer was, the best "time" approximation she could give me was: 1 Earth day. They would perceive one of us being gone, away from them for 1 Earth day... while down here each of us would have just lived a 75 year lifetime.

This information compares with how I, and others who are having experiences like me, can feel like we are gone, off planet, for what feels like many (3-4) weeks to us [when we are having higher dimensional experiences with 4D people] -

and we find ourselves back down on Earth having only been 'gone' 15-16 minutes of Earth time.

I have also learned this: they can put us back down here on Earth at whatever time, we, or they, want.

This reinforces what I have learned about 3D human travel... to visit with people who are 4D & who live outside of time as we know it:

we as 3D humans must somehow be converted, even if temporarily, into 4D humans... in order for us to "time travel".. to a place that exists & vibrates at a 4D frequency. Therefore, time travel can only be accomplished while people vibrate at a minimum 4D vibratory rate.

Time is not absolute and it is not linear either.

Now, given this information, you can somehow imagine that since 75 Earth years we can say is an average life time for an Earth human person...

and for them only [approximately] one - 4D day has passed;

therefore you can also imagine that... 1 month of our 3D Earth time... for them has a value of approximately:
1 minute. One minute.

So, January 2014, February 2014, March 2014... to them is like the difference between 1 minute & 3 minutes. But that IS the reality of how these two (2) frequencies of vibratory life... compare.

And so, I believe you are now beginning to get a least a better understanding of how different life experiences are between the timelessness of 4D... and how different it is from 3D Earth life.

So, I do expect the transformation of this planet & the people of this planet will happen sometime 'soon', as in: "imminent"? Yes.

Though, please don't ask me "when" soon will be. I don't know.

We shall all see how it all unfolds together.


Remember, these earth changes & the 4D transformation coming to this world - THEY ARE NOT - ARE NOT -
time/date, "when" - driven.

These changes to our world -

and the 4D transformation of this solar system including planet Earth is => EVENT TRIGGERED.

This is the best explanation I can give you about this topic.


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