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The Event Update : 1st September 2013 ... LIGHTWORKERSXM

There appears to be many people and groups talking about the event but nobody really following it who actually label  it as  ”The Event”.

This report is unofficial and has no links attached  as it is presumed that YOU the readers ( light- workers-warriors-seeds-showers) are up to date with modern events.

David Wilcock calls it The New Golden Age :

Many others make passages concerning the SHTF and also in financial circles there are many variations of a New Financial situation bearing fruit anytime now. Commonly known as Global Financial Reset  or Global Collateral Accounts  or Revaluation (RV) etc.

Poof and Cobra (not necessarily together)  have been some  of the best up to date resources on the latest news as has David Wilcock, Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford. ( before you say I DO NOT TRUST THESE SOURCES please do a background check on each of these individuals before ramming egotistic orientated  thoughts on others).

Be it as it may, The Global Finance is the first item of the Event list to change even before The Event can possibly take place (and yes that means global financial collapse) and is very much a part of the scoring process. This self invented & unofficial’  Event – Ometer scoring mechanism is designed for you and I, to get a better reading of when the S will HTF and has included comments made by many other awakened ones in various collectives on the internet around the world.

I carry out this work as diligently as possible and I try as hard as is humanely (Spiritually) possible without getting too inter-dimensional, My aim is to be understandable to new comers and to be pure  and consult as many lightworkers along the way.  By learning from previous errors, I stay well clear of  forward dates and how much money we are all going to get , so please draw your own conclusions and make your own assumptions with your own dedicated research.

I can say this “There is mounting evidence to suggest that globally  something is about to happen on a galactic scale, and our lives are about to change, an unprecedented  occurrence in any other cosmic worlds ” maybe an understatement. That is why it is simply called The Event.

The previous scoring of 32 % has been derived from earlier positive irreversible actions on the planet and it hovers below the Third 33.3 mark due to the following noted global events having already taken place.
1) Iceland blowing out IMF and Rothschild corrupt banking systems and actually jailing prominent stately figures and operating on a debt free currency basis to its own citizens.

2) Mass arrests, resignations, defections and  killings of prominent banking and corporate figures (Killings are Cabal orchestrated and to be disassociated with any resistance movement or noncompliance group) have to be taken into account for scoring purposes.

3) Release of Spiritual/cosmic/galactic existence and  disclosure in the mainstream and government.
4) Changes at the BIG 3 i) Vatican ii) Corporation of London and iii) Washington DC.
5) Most modern day changes in Mainstream media and blatantly obvious false flag operations.
6) Exposure of the elite depopulation weather programs and global mass poisoning agendas.
7) The release of suppressed ancient intelligence and the secrets of our  natural spiritual capabilities and evolution.

Unfortunately Black ops and the dark side Cabal can  firmly imprint themselves on humanity still to this day with continued bizarre stories like Nestle trying to claim that they own the water and Spain who are now charging people for Solar panels and the suns rays, plus Australia are actually paying hard cash for Carbon tax and UK are paying Bedroom tax. These are all desperate and failing power acts of taking every penny and can be seen as Higher Oligarchical scrapping and in house fighting, they  show the element of control that they still impose on us due to  a largely dumb down mind controlled ( govern-control/ment-mind) society who are in denial.

So what happened in August that would elevate the Eventometer and by means of being irreversible?
1) Well gladly Hungary have now shown IMF the door and all Rothschild banking cartel have been asked to leave the country and so it seems that they may even attempt to leave the Euro, as Iceland they too are now issuing debt free monetary systems.
2) Nothing tops the events this month more than in Egypt. The positive military and the people showing such solidarity which strategically is one of the most important places on the planet and they are now not welcoming any US Cabal influences, weeding  the west out as they continuously attempt to break down this new alliance. Show your support for Egypt and Egyptians in any way shape or form, even if it is merely of light contact with people there, the internet should be used wisely.

3) The NSA and Snowden scandal is a massive pro-event : We all knew that spying was happening on a grand scale but what this exposure has done is huge having highlighted who is spying on who and just how deep and thorough the spying was. The new distrust between nations now is at an all time high and even Germany is now licking its wounds as it now sees  it’s gold having been pillaged, coupled with the growing fact  that everyone from the cabal appears to be covertly spying on all aspects of German government & business.

4) Also most beneficial for a rise in the eventometer is the on goings in the Royal households and the Vatican ( not enough so IMHO) as Princess Diana’s blatant Royal Murder appears to be opening previous closed cans of worms and The Vatican appears to be trying to keep one stage ahead of others who wish to see their demise. The announcements and printing of fictitious papers like the Apostolic letters. These appear great on the surface but under closer scrutiny they are what they are : An international criminal rogue empire writings of it’s own law book and has negative impact on the Eventometer. On a positive note Kevin Annett’s newly formed alliance with the Italian Politicians and The ITCCS can be seen as nothing more than collective global recorded shackles for any future activity of this most evil of empires.

5) The other score point is Syria; not for being Rothschild’s Central Banking Free but for it’s quality of people on the ground being awake and aware, however what is remarkable in the eventometer terms from a score point is how well it devalued all major governments just recently, placing in clear view of the confused public, non stop rhetoric and  lies from national apparent global romeo’s UK and US: Obama and Cameron, Hague and Kerry have done more lightwork than any other this month ,,Nobody could compare the rise in those newly awakened by their blatant stupidity and the ‘go it alone’  global genocide policy. Put plain and simply :

The Syrian Girl explains it best and really puts her country  like Egypt, on the ‘Well Awake and Aware’ map:

Why The NWO Hates Syria 


6) David Wilcock reported that anonymous was with  the Positive Military as  Cobra and Benjamin Fulford  so often speak of.  This is tremendous news if proven to be correlated and puts many side issues back on the table for debate. This is probably the reason Fulford & Wilcock often mention that the Military are likewise very awake and aware and will not be ( As Cobra makes clear ) carrying out any  FEMA camp detentions and the killing/culling of USA citizens which  is so often  a favourite in fear mongering  in alternative and mainstream media circles.

7) On a cosmic venture and disclosure note, there is nothing major &  positive to report except for the rise in Energy descriptive Crop circles and positive UFO sightings globally. As for all forms of promises from channelers and even the etherical plain clear up, Cobra so often speaks of, has been ruled out for purposes of scoring for the eventometer. Anyhow these aspects  are seen as  simply incomprehensible to the average Joe: Needless to say The reports from David Wilcock and Cobra and a few others are of an extremely positive nature to those of you who are on the higher spiritual realm.

8) Finally to Finance : Here, one would be mistaken to read all news in the Alternative media sector to think that the inevitable financial collapse is upon us and “we can all go to bed now, It has happened”. Every headline says the ‘collapse is now’ “The RV is released already” , Sorry it has not changed and has not even dented the eventometer, and gets a “Needs to try harder ” or ” show me some more” rating.

On an upward note : The new financial system is in the making and is happening , albeit covertly and on the surface it has been stopped, subject to Dark stalling tactics and mega corrupt ‘back n side door’ interference, I feel lucky that those in charge of the release of these funds ( The Chinese White Dragon Society) make decisions on the ‘safe to be sure’ side rather than any knee jerk decisions. We may be very thankful of these cautions taken in the near future.

No surprises if there is much more activity on the Bullion front and the currency markets and a few major Head  Bank Staff being disposed of as more and more, the 195 aligned nations (BRICS) know That The Global Currency Reset button is imminent. Only a fool would plough all their 30 years graft and secrecy back into the pockets of the lurking greedy desperate Cabal.

So for the Eventometer, the impact that August had on the status of the Event-Ometer, as dramatic as it was; will rise by a full 3% to 35% given that other countries have joined the Rothschild rebellion and further irreversible antics concerning the PTW have now exposed them on a grand scale. This is based on notable changes countries have demonstrated in a gutsy shift in financial politics , Russia, Iceland Hungary and a few others like Ireland and Bulgaria are ready to make the move against financial Rothschild tyranny. Also let us not forget the South American countries who are standing up to the violence and International Bullying as in Ecuador and Bolivia. Does anyone wonder why Peru is covered in snow?

The score of 35% would indicate that much more work is required in the waking up of others in this world  and for those that expect everything to happen tomorrow or want to see change over night, Just please ask your self one question.

” Would you feel safe going out in to the streets asking people about the event and recording their comments”?

This does not mean that everyone has to be awake for the event to take place, far from it , however a small percentage of the population is desirable to make the necessary impact, unfortunately critical mass stands at a lonesome micro percentage of the overall global populous.

The Oneness University  suggest that 1,213,000 are awake on this planet and that Those in the Awakened states stand at 510 Million. This has risen drastically over a 12 month period since my following if it is found out to be in some way accurate : Surely Critical Mass is Near:

Look here :


If you would like to become involved in The Event and want to know what you can do leading up to and including the time of The Event, then please  join in the activities and keep up to date with all that is going on : You never know when you are needed.

Here is Vossa who can help take you through the positive shift in the build up to The Event.


Written  with the best intent and without prejudice:




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