Thursday, 14 March 2013

PROJECT CAMELOT : PRESTON NICHOLS ... Montauk Mars Time Travel Zero Point Underground Bases Mind Control UFO's Secret Space Program Black Ops


Preston Nichols, was born in Long Island, New York, in 1946.  He received degrees in Parapsychology,  Psychology, and Electrical Engineering. After graduating, he went into Defense Electronics and wound up working at Brookhaven and AIL.

In 1968, Preston's involvement with Montauk began.  He got involved with the tail end of stealth research at AIL.  Preston was told that the research started right after the Philadelphia Experiment.
He actually read the final report of Project Rainbow - which we know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The report named the Cameron brothers as being the Navy liaison in the experiment.

Next, he got pulled into the mind sciences project at Montauk.  They were working on interfacing a person's mind to the computer.

Preston worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program.  Preston trained the Montauk Boys to be "PSI Warriors".

The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person's thoughts.  A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a group of coils pick the emanations.  A bank of radio receivers designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning thought into computer code.  The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality.

This chair was used for many purposes.  One was to open up a vortex for time travel. Many Montauk boys were lost during the initial testing of the time vortex.

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