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Bucegi Mountains, RomaniaThe Mysteries

Unbeknownst to most, there is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of the famous land known as Transylvania. In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains. 

Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero. 


The legendary Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains (2200 m altitude) is a rock shaped by wind and other natural phenomenon as man's head. It is considered to represent a spiritually powerful place and a symbol of the spirit of the Dacians, ancestors of the Romanian people.

Together, the Romanians and the Americans utilized the Pentagon�s secret technology to penetrate a chamber inside of the mountain that was otherwise inaccessible to humans. What was discovered eventually was a holographic Hall of Records left by an advanced civilization near three mysterious tunnels leading into the Inner Earth. Transylvanian Sunrise chronicles the discovery of these modern day artifacts that represent the dawn of a new era for Mankind.
Bucegi Mountains, Romania Ialomicioara Cave

 Yellow Cave formations still wet and growing

Looking back towards entrance and Monastery

Peter Moon is brought into the fold through his Romanian Publisher who just happens to be the publisher of this remarkable story. Peter, whose original connection to Romania came through Dr. David Anderson of the Time Travel Research Center, recognized that such satellite technology would had to have utilized Dr. Andersonâ€?s proprietary space-time technology for maintaining satellites in orbit and pursues the matter further. 

This leads Peter Moon on an adventurous journey to Romania to visit the Romanian Sphinx and a remarkable encounter with his old friend, Dr. David Anderson. There, he learns of a mysterious association between the mysterious time travel scientist and Radu Cinamar.

Bucegi Mountains Discovery enigmantica, Romania: The biggest secret on the planet and the greatest discovery of all time

My name is Dragos I`m from ROMANIA and want to present a mysterious discovery on our planet, taking place here in Romania in the Bucegi mountains. Zero state security department of a top secret section, founded in 1968 in the JJ by Nicolae Ceausescu, considering the preparation and development of psychic subjects.

The control panel of Romania

There is a panel depicting the precise geometric symbols of different colors. There are two levers that can slide to order something. The center panel is a red button above the rest. The purpose of the button is shown in a hologram explanation: a picture of Earth at about 25 km high and then show the Carpathian Mountains. The show then leaking huge quantities of water to lowlands and plains until the soil stays completely free.

Then soil Romanian territory today and part of Hungary and Ukraine appear more streams of water like giant rivers from all directions heading towards the mountains and the Transylvanian plateau. Then the image is more focused and practically the whole of Romania is another Great of which appear only in some areas like islands peaks. Acting levers on the panel, the waters begin to withdraw from our territory, but all are moving towards a single point in the Massif Retezat Godeanu mountains. A true manual!

A mysterious amphora

After the control panel is a square with sides of three meters high which is an amphora. Its content is one of the strengths of discovery. This is what he wanted with so much passion for him and Massini venerable elite Masons. Amfora contains a very fine white powder. Researchers have remained dismayed to find that the substance has a crystalline structure known monatomic gold which is very difficult to obtain especially high purity formula.

Venerable Massini still was informed before entering the room there amphorae. Gold powder in its pure form greatly stimulate trade flows and certain cellular and neural energy. That causes an accelerated process of rejuvenation. Theoretically, a man can live in the same physical body for several thousand years provided they consume, from time to time, and well-defined quantity, monatomic gold powder. This explains many puzzling aspects about the incredible longevity of important characters and show the hidden intentions of the global elite Masons. 

Whistle Blower Radio | Kerry Cassidy 
& Brooks Agnew, June 22, 2012

Topics: Fukushima, Oil Spill, HAARP, Inner Earth Expedition, 
Romanian Sphinx, Book "Alienated Nation", and more.



True history of the planet

In the middle square is a huge dome which projects a hologram of moving parts. It contains the main aspects of synthetic very distant past of humanity, even its origin. Darwin's evolutionary theory is therefore completely false. The true origin of man is depicted in a condensed form holographic. After the lessons of truth, we can say that 90% of the official history of mankind is false and counterfeit. Unbelievable, but what is considered really happened is mostly lies, myths and legends while people are almost all true. This strange inversion of the time caused many problems and conflicts between people.

Most archaeologists are false ideas. Some "fantasies" of scholars such as hilarious theory of dinosaur extinction in 65 million years ago or considering old continents of Lemuria and Atlantis as a myth, are now completely shattered holographic projection that shows clearly how things have happened reality. From time to time hologram preserve the event, but the background sky map show the positions of major stars and constellations marked at the time. Thus did the exact dating of events in the presentation. Although the time period covered by the projections is very large (several hundred thousand years), and the cycle of precession of the Earth is 25,920 years, by observing the number of years Plato (25,920-year cycle) to calculate precisely dating events. Bucegi Mountains were formed 50-55 thousand years ago .........



Florin Moneanu and Peter Moon 

Move Beyond Time


This video continues the thoughtful discussion with author/editor/publisher interviewing Dr. Florin Munteanu. He just finished speaking about Sarmisegethuza, an ancient place of the Dacians, The Dacian writings are the oldest ever found, 2000 years ahead of the Sumerian tablets.The Dacians were Thracians, one of the oldest European civilizations.

At one point, they occupied over half the Europe and some territories in the Middle East. Peter asks Dr. Munteanu about the stone people call the Romanian Sphinx, the ancient underground, futuristic Hall of Records in the Alpha Base written about by Radu Cinamar, Dr. Munteanu looks at these subjects in relationship to quantum physics and consciousness, and our living system of complexity, and Gaia, freeing our souls, the importance of understanding the true history of the earth.

Professor Moneanu is the president of The Center for Complexity Studies. Peter Moon is the world renowned author of a series of books such as The Montauk Project. The interview seized the moment in the boat at Atlantykron Academy of Learning.

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