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The shamans know of the human Pineal Gland located near the center of our brains. It’s interesting to consider that the ancients referred to this gland as the “seat of the soul” or the gland through which the souls enters the body and DMT has been dubbed “the spirit molecule” for the compounds possible connection to our state of super consciousness.....consciousness can survive death because the death of the brain is simply the death of the vehicle carrying our conscious existence, and not the death of consciousness itself.

They have diagnosed our sickness very well. They understand that we in the industrial and technological countries have lost our connection to spirit; that if we wish to recover our humanity and stop destroying one another and destroying this beautiful planet on which we live, we need to re-connect to the world of spirit and the ancient shamanic planes are the surest, most certain way of doing that. Maybe dreams, maybe visions, maybe the experiences that we can only have in altered states of consciousness are the most important parts of our selves. Maybe we need to cherish and nourish those experiences and maybe we are missing out on the next step in our evolution by creating a society that does not wish us to explore our own consciousness. If I am not sovereign over my own consciousness, then I am not sovereign over anything and I live in a society where others, outside myself, presently have the right under law to tell me what I may and may not experience in my own consciousness. This is an extraordinary invasion of privacy and sovereignty, and it is at the root of many of the terrible things that are happening in the world today.

Does the shamanic experience hold the key to a secret doorway to other dimensions or to a hidden archived of knowledge encoded in our DNA, we’re intended to access this the real evolution ?


Strange energy phenomenon occurring at the sites, which consist mainly of stone circles, standing stones, dolmans, chambers.

The question is: are the orbs attracted to the strong electromagnetic fields associated with many ancient sacred sites or are the orbs themselves responsible for the measurable EM fields that exist at a site.

And, is this clear evidence of a connection between the appearance of orbs and the existence of an electromagnetic field at the sites where they appear?

“orbs” appear in many images seen in prehistoric rock art ...the “energy fields” come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations including “bars”, “mists”, “clusters”, “waves”, “helixes”, “strings and “strands”

It would be interesting to know how this seemingly unseen element of nature is connected to our physical world, leading to a greater understanding of how "orbs" function in our environment and what purpose they serve.

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